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Aaaaah Spain! Der are many reasons why you would love to visit Spain. World famous gastronomy and wine, exciting cities, the country brims with culture, history and soul… It’s the perfect place to start learning, practicing or brushing up your Spanish! We are aware of at there are many well-beaten destinations in Spain which can offer you Spanish. But it is important for us that you get a unique opportunity to give you a deeper insight in both the language and the culture surrounded by welcoming locals, who will give you the opportunity to participate in the local activities and improve your Spanish at your level. And we do not doubt that Valladolid offers you all that.












Valladolid is located in the center of the region Castilla y León, under an hour from Madrid taking the high-speed railway. It is said in Spain that in Valladolid it is spoken the ‘best’ Spanish, the purest, which makes its locals really proud of. The river Pisuerga crosses the city and it is a river fluent of El Duero. Does it ring a bell? It is the Region Duero, the heart of the many wineries and bodegas where some of the most complex and flavourful wines are produced, the sought after Designation of Origin (D.O.) Ribera del Duero (Vega Sicilia or Pingus, established by the Dane Peter Sisseck). The entire Ribera del Duero region offers beautiful scenaries, where you can visit amazingly well preserved castles.

The city is the birthplace of Spain, original capital city and residence for the Spanish Kings. When Queen Isabel of Castile and Fernando of Aragon married in 1469 in Palacio De Los Vivero (today in the city center), the two biggest kingdoms melted together into one and created Spain. That is the reason why you are able to find many historical buildings, medieval castles, monasteries, etc.

We can offer you in Valladolid the best Spanish with professional and experienced certified teachers. All of them have Spanish as their mother tongue and they will encourage the students to speak Spanish from day one. The school, La Casa del Español, is certified by the ‘Instituto Cervantes’ and offers all learning levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

Spanish Courses Wine Rivera Castle Travil Rugby Kids Children

Are you a mom or a dad of a happy traveler kid? Do you want to take the opportunity to work on yourself and improve your Spanish while traveling? We can help you. While you are sitting in the school learning Spanish during the morning, we will take a walk with your kid, have a delicious snack, play at the local playground, teach them some Spanish words, etc. Afterwards, you will be ready to enjoy the rest of the day with them. The most suitable time for this would be during the winter or fall break, or you can just simply let us know when it would be the best time for you and your kids and we will help you. (children 6+)

Spanish Courses Wine Rivera Castle Travil Rugby Kids Children

All levels and all age groups. You are welcome to travel alone or together with your schoolmates. You can stay between 1 and 8 weeks and live together with a Spanish family. You will have to use Spanish on a daily basis and you will be surprised about how fast you will get it. Lots of activities, tapas and amigos!


We will of course take into consideration your age group. We will offer the appropriate activities and what it is allowed or not if you are under 18. And we will of course take consideration to your interests regardless your age

Spanish Courses Wine Rivera Castle Travil Rugby Kids Children

Do you also wish to learn Spanish away from the touristy destinations surrounded by an exciting experience? Here in Valladolid you find it all and you won’t spend your time sitting in the public transportation. You can walk from the one tapas bar to the next and wash them down with a glass of the best Spanish wine. Museums, shopping, street life, castles… you will concentrate in your lessons during the morning and enjoy the city and the region the rest of the day. We will help you to find the best experiences and… you will also learn to cook some Spanish food! There is time enough for all the exciting activities! It is also up to you and your language goals, if you would like to stay 1 week or longer. For both solo travelers or groups.

Spanish Courses Wine Rivera Castle Travil Rugby Kids Children

Do you play rugby? Do you wish to learn Spanish but can’t be away from your practice for too long? We can give you a solution.


Valladolid is the capital city of Spain in Rugby. Some of the best clubs are located here and hosts many international players.


We can arrange your Spanish lessons but also your practice in one of the best clubs. This is the perfect combination for you to keep in good shape and meet new rugby amigos while you improve your Spanish.

Spanish Courses Wine Rivera Castle Travil Rugby Kids Children

Do you have any questions or want to know more?


Please contact us in and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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