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¡Sí! ¡Ya puedes aprender español!

You can now learn Spanish! Easy, fun and exactly at the level that you need!

Do you have any question? Please contact Rosa Bustamante at



Españolademia - Spanish lessons for adults:

To promote the Spanish language and the cultures associated with it, and to respond to the demand for educational activities, Casa de España is offering a series of online lessons conducted by Rosa Bustamante (LinkedIn here), a qualified and experienced MFL teacher, CV here.


The courses proposed find a balance between teaching linguistic aspects (grammar, vocabulary etc.), the development of language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and the development of cultural competence.

Españolademia learners become:


  • "Hispanistas" that recognize a linguistic system and are able to act in a diverse set of everyday situations.

  • Intercultural speakers, able to identify cultural differences and create bridges of understanding with their native cultures.

  • Independent and responsible for their own advancement in the context of the class.

At each level, the instructor will implement activities and models that will ensure level competence in:

  • Grammar, pronunciation and spelling

  • Functions of language

  • Pragmatic strategies for communication

  • Discourse, genre and textual production

  • Cultural references

  • Sociocultural behavior and intercultural abilities.

About Rosa

Rosa introduces herself in this video where she explains:


"I have been dedicated to teaching the Spanish language for more than 17 years. Honestly, teaching is my passion. Being an accredited examiner by the Instituto Cervantes of the official DELE exams (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) is a plus in the development of my classes with objectives aimed at obtaining excellent test results. After years as a teacher in different countries, I also prepare other Spanish exams according to the educational curriculum of the British GCSE and A Level, the French baccalaureate and the international baccalaureate diploma.

However, if what students are looking for is to approach our wonderful language with the idea of enjoyment, undoubtedly in my classes they will find the perfect place to discover the ins and outs to understand the beauty of this language.

Finally, if the objective is a Spanish to project in a professional field, the sessions will be adapted to that environment, guaranteeing the success of the job interview or work meeting."


(inc. VAT/ danish moms)

  • Individual/personalized lesson: single lesson 350kr. - 10% off to the memebers of Casa de España / 10 lessons 3.000kr - 10% off to the members of Casa de España

  • Groups of three people: single lesson 295kr / 10 lessons 2.450kr.

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